Moms love taking pictures and now there's a digital solution to get all our family photos in one place. We had the challenge to make this video explaining how SFPA works. Hope you like it!


Directed by: Zublime
Art Director: Josefina Preumayr
Animation Director: Milton Gonzalez
Executive Producer: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo
Design & Illustration: Josefina Preumayr
2D Animation & Composinting: Josefina Preumayr, Milton Gonzalez
3D Animation: Milton Gonzalez
Lead Character Animation: Juan Pontaroli
Character Animation: Juan Pontaroli, Milton Gonzalez 
Clean up: Juliana Gorgati, Juan Pontaroli
Storyboard: Josefina Preumayr, Nahuel Sagárnaga
Animatic: Milton Gonzalez
Client: Smart Family Photo Album
Agency: Demo Duck
CEO: Andrew Follett
Producer: Stephan Vandenbroucke
Script: Kelsie Ozamiz
Sound: Humberto Corte

Year: 2016